The goal of Gavins Point Yacht club is to provide an active and diverse organization, who members share and enjoy a common bond, the love of the water and it’s many varied activities.  Our purpose is both social and educational.
We host several social parties, including the annual “Spring Thaw Party” at the Lewis and Clark Lodge.  We have an active sailboat racing fleet that promotes advancement of sailing skills.  We are proud of our annual youth sailing school weekend and we are launching a new summer youth sailing program for kids as well.
New for 2019, the Gavins Point Yacht Club will be taking over the reigns of the “Bash to the Colonies” an annual Fun Sail Race to raise funds for charity.
Membership in the Gavins Point Yacht Club also allows you a reciprocal card that grants you access as guests to many Yacht Clubs across the US and beyond.  We print a directory yearly of our members so you can more easily get to know people who are active in our marina and our yacht club.
Membership is open to anyone, including slip holders at Lewis & Clark Marina, and anyone who just enjoys water activities at the lake!   Come join in the fun with us, the Gavins Point Yacht Club! Click here for a registration form.

GPYC & Yachting Club of America Reciprocity

As a member of GPYC you are eligible for reciprocity at yacht clubs around the country and embassies around the world. In many cases you will enjoy the same benefits and comradely as you travel. You can ask any club if they are a member or use your membership card to login and check member clubs at the following link.

YCA membership includes Yacht & Sailing Clubs throughout America. Over 700 YCA  registered Yacht & Sailing Clubs. In addition the Yachting Club of America is recognized by Embassies throughout the world and are helpful to YCA members.
Just because you are away does not mean you can’t enjoy boating year round.