For Sale

Do you have a boat for sale?

Or perhaps boating items sitting in the bottom of your boat, dock box or garage? Do those items have value and life left in them? Send a description, picture, price and email address to and we’ll post it here.


FOR SALE: A Kenyon alcohol stove. It works, I just followed the directions and voila! Heat. I’m sure this is the first time it has been fired up as the burner and grill discolored from the heat.
FULL DISCLOSURE: I WOULD NOT START THIS STOVE ON MY BOAT. Well at least not until I had some experience with it away from anything flammable. It seems well made and is kind of pretty. Price is to make a donation to your favorite charity. Rsteib@hotmail.Com

Wanted: a spinnaker boom. Just bought a used 24′ S2 that has a spinnaker but no boom.