2019 Race Schedule

  •  Summer Series
    • Race 1 June 1st
    • Race 2 June 15th
    • Race 3 June 29th
    • Race 4 July 20th
    • Race 5 Aug 3rd
    • Race 6 Aug 17th
  • Fall Series
    • To be determined

2019 GPYC Race Format

Basic Racing Rules

Divide into 2 fleets

  •  Red Fleet – faster, more experienced sailors
  •  Blue Fleet – for the rest of us

Why 2 Fleets?

  •  More competitive within sailing skill groups
  •  May be less intimidating for new racers
  •  More chances at winning a trophy

Staggered Start

  •  Blue Fleet will start 5-10 min ahead of Red Fleet (depending on race conditions)
  •  Reduces crowding at start line
  •  Provides clear air for Blue Fleet
  •  More challenging for Red Fleet to pass Blue Fleet

 Scoring – same as past years

  •  1 point for 1st place finish, 2 points for second place finish etc
  •  Low point total at the end of the series in each fleet wins
  •  Single worst finish will be thrown out of the total (used to be worst 2 finishes)
  •  No shows get a last place finish plus 1 for number of boats racing that day
  •  PHRF’s will be determined by Race Committee Chair using guidelines provided by US Sailing Association
  •  Weekly results will be posted here and on Gavins Point Yacht Club Facebook Group


  •  1st and 2nd place trophy for each fleet will be awarded
  •  1st place finisher in each fleet will be added to the Roger Kozack Memorial traveling trophy

Unless Noted on the website

  •  Captain’s meeting will begin promptly at 9:30AM the day of the race
  •  Location: Shelter just north of Hobie Beach
  •  Race countdown will start 10:30-11:00 – depending condition

Previous Years Race Result