2021 Summer Race Schedule

2021 GPYC Race Format


  • Only monohull displacement sailboats will be allowed to race in Series Races.
  • Each boat must have a minimum of 1 captain and 1 crew
  • Each boat must have a working 2-way VHF radio tuned to Channel 69. Boats that do not respond to the race
  • If the sustained winds are forecasted (at the time of the Captain’s Meeting) to be in excess of 18-mph or the forecast for gusts exceeds 23-mph, the race will be cancelled. If during the race, the wind speed exceeds 18-mph sustained or gusts exceed 23-mph, the current race will be completed, but no subsequent races for that day will be started.
  • The 18-mph sustained wind and 23-mph gust limit are arbitrary and may be changed based on input from racers. However, safety of the racing crew and equipment must be our first priority. While these winds are not excessive to good sailors/racers with larger boats that are top condition, many of our racers are casual racers and boats, rigging, and sails are in working condition, but not top racing condition. This was evidenced by the number of torn sails, rigging and hardware failures we experienced as a group in 2013. (including the committee boat!)

Basic Racing Rules

 Scoring – same as past years

  • 1 point for 1st place finish, 2 points for second place finish etc
  • Low point total at the end of the series wins
  • Two worst finishes will be thrown out of the total
  • No shows get a last place finish plus 1 for number of boats racing that day
  • PHRF’s will be determined by Race Committee Chair using guidelines provided by US Sailing Association
  • Weekly results will be posted here and on Gavins Point Yacht Club Facebook Group


  •  1st and 2nd place trophy will be awarded
  •  1st place finisher in each fleet will be added to the Roger Kozack Memorial traveling trophy

Captain’s Meeting

  •  Captain’s meeting will begin promptly at 9:30AM the day of the race
  •  Location: Marina Grill
  •  Race countdown will start 10:30-11:00 – depending on conditions

Previous Years Race Result